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Missoma Earrings Review


I have been into jewelries lately since I got my new piercings. I never thought I would do it since I was not planning or even dreaming getting more especially now that I am older. But I noticed that my taste changes in fashion constantly and I was influenced also and got inspired with my co-workers who have a lot of piercings as well which as months went buy, grew on me and wanted to have more myself. I love earrings and I realized, I can wear and combine more when I will have more than 1 pair of piercings. So I went for it and never regretted it and that's why I am now collecting jewelries instead of makeup. 

I first knew about Missoma because of a vlogger which I happened to watch randomly her jewelry collection video one day. She was raving about it so I also wanted to try it myself. And when I looked it up, I saw they are also available in de Bijenkorf here in Belgium & the Netherlands so I went for it right away because that time since it was a new brand for their online shop, they were offering a free pair of earrings which I also wanted but ended up not getting it because it was a limited offer and I didn't make the cut which was really disappointing.

Missoma is a British demi-fine jewelry brand which started since 2008. Their jewelries are much expensive compared to your normal high street brands. They make Vermeil gold jewelries which are higher quality compared to the typical gold plated ones that are cheaper. Vermeil jewelries are made using Sterling silver as base compared to the gold plated ones that are in brass or copper. They also said that Vermeil gold are at least five times thicker and much durable than gold plated jewelries. Hence, the price tag and considered as demi-fine jewelries.

 Missoma Claw Huggies (18ct Gold Plated Vermeil)

This is one of the first pair I got which is a huggie and they are small hoop earrings that hug the ear. When I first ordered huggie earrings, I was stunned how small they were and didn't like them but when I combined them all, I realized it looks great if you have multiple piercings. It just balances the look more than when you have a larger size hoops which would look weird if combined with smaller earrings. 

This specifi pair had a problem because I didn't use it right away after ordering it since my piercings didn't heal even upto now which is really annoying but I got really bored with my everyday ear party(earrings combo) so I decided just to use it and just remove it when I take a shower. But when I removed it inside the box, some corners turned black which was disappointing because it was just inside the box for months and unused but to my surprise it turned like that before I could even use it. But I remembered after few hours that they did give a polishing cloth so I immediately use it to try to clean it and it worked. Most of the black discolorations were gone so I was relieved and used it after.

The center earring is the Missoma Claw Huggies

I prefer to use this as a center earring everytime because it looks good that way and it just the perfect size also for that placement. The lock mechanism is what I prefer because it is a latch back which is easier and faster to secure.

Missoma Claw Huggies (Sterling Silver)

Since, I had Silver piercings used when I got them done which I regret after because I prefer gold and didn't realize that time that I would be wearing them for months until they are completely healed. So I ended up buying also the silver versions of the earrings since I love their designs so much. This time I ordered them at their main UK website and it took several days before I received them but packed really good compared to the de Bijenkorf plus I got the polishing cloth for free which was a life saver.

This has got to be my most favorite earring design ever and I'm glad I found it. This is my most used these days and it pairs well with my outfit looks and other earrings as well. It is just so pretty and unique and a compliment getter for sure. The only problem I did get from this because of constant use is that the circle part that connects the heart charm to the main body of the earring, turned black even only after a month of use which is very disappointing for this price point but nothing the polishing cloth can't solve.

Left: polished - Right: unpolished

I'm not sure if you see clearly the difference but the right circle part is really black compared to the polished one. And the polished one looked overall so shiny and vibrant compared to the unpolished one. I am so relieved that it can bring it back to its original state so I don't have to worry if there would be any discoloration happening again. 

As you can see, it is a very pretty and unique design which most days I go for since it matches good with my other everyday piercing that I can't remove yet and change since they are still not completely healed.

And of course, I needed to get the Silver version as well. I did use this the first month when I just got my piercings and it looked great as well with the other silver earrings I had. 

And to know if it is really a Sterling Silver jewelry, you will see a 925 stamp on the jewelry which you will see in the photo above. And they also included their initial which is a cute touch as well. I mostly look now for Sterling Silver jewelry because sometimes I have allergic reaction with the cheap gold plated earrings but with Sterling Silver, I don't have any problems with it irritating my ears. And it is waterproof as well. My friend actually recommended me to look for 925 jewelries because she only buys them and she showers with them and never removes it and still looks like new until now without tarnishing. But she has the silver version so I'm not sure if it is Vermiel gold if it would be the same. Just to be sure, I don't shower with the gold ones because I want them to last forever. 

The polishing cloth

A must have! It came for free when I ordered on their EU website and they don't seem to sell it which is sad but hopefully any jewelry polishing cloth will work fine and do the trick like it did. I'm glad that this is  a tiny cloth because it is easier to put it in the small opening of the earrings and easy to rotate if needed to clean carefully.

My Verdict⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not 5/5 but only 4 stars since it turned black only after a month and although you can clean it, I didn't expect that from this price point. I see and feel the quality compared to the cheaper gold plated I have which feels plastic almost to touch but this you see that it is made well and they use recycled silver which is great for the environment. Their designs are impeccable and unique and modern. I will certainly check their future designs and might add more if something will catch my attention.

To see them in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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