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Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick 2021 New Shades


Lisa's True Velvet Lipstick is the best and most luxurious formula that I have ever tried with any makeup brand. This just feels so cushiony on the lips and very opaque. You need to try it for yourself to experience the amazing and one of a kind formula of her lipsticks. You get what you pay for and so much more. I did review her older shades before so if you want to see them, just click here.

They come in a white box with gold details. It is just simple yet elegant packaging. I only chose three shades because these are the only ones that I know I will like and use. She did release darker and a nude shade but I know myself that I am not a dark lipstick lover and the nude, I feel like it would be too light for my skintone.

Her actual gold lipstick packaging is exquisite and has this glamour vintage feel to it which I know she loves vintage makeup so much so that she has a huge collection of them even has the makeup from Manilyn Monroe. They are magnetic closure which I love so much. I wish all the highend lipsticks have this feature because it really adds that luxury touch and ease when you use them.

What is also special with her lipstick is the bullet. She made a one of a kind design that they would look like velvet which is really special and unique. Only thing I can say is that they are a bit bulky kind of size and like most of the lipsticks that I own, you need to look under it so you know which one you are grabbing. I prefer like most of the Korean beauty packaging that you see right away which color it is because they match it with the packaging. That is just my preference especially if you are in a hurry. The look of her makeup is not geared towards younger generation. It is more matured, I feel like.

If you are sensitive to strong scent with your makeup products then you will love this since I don't smell anything from it. It lasts also pretty long since you get a lot of products and even though it says that it is only good for 18 months, I had my older ones since 2019 but they are still good although I didn't use them that much since I do own alot of lip products. They break easily so be careful not to swatch them too hard because mine broke when I was swatching it which is sad and it was my favorite color which is the Velvet Muse.

Her lipsticks are Cruelty Free and also free from Parabens, Talc, Fragrance, D6, D5, Gluten and Alcohol.

Velvet Petal
I got this because I feel like it would be a perfect Spring lip shade. A bright carnation pink which is perfect for when the weather is starting to get better and the flowers are blooming. A lovely dainty kind of pink that I prefer because it is not too loud or over the top.

Velvet Blush Lightly
I was curious with the Blush shade from last year's release but didn't buy anything last year because I was not really that interested that time. People requested to have a lighter version of that because it was too intense with some of them so she made this. It is a muted berry but for me it is a darker mauve.

Velvet Cinnabar
I wanted to pick this since it reminds me of my most favorite MAC shade which is the Marrakesh. This is a warm brown red shade which is perfect for Fall-Winter time. I prefer this kind of red because I feel like it suits me more and not in your face kind of red.

When I swatched them side by side, I am happy to say that I was right. The MAC Matte lipstick in Marrakesh is indeed identical to this compared with the MAC Powder Kiss in Marrakesh-mere. So if you don't want to spend so much money on it and if you have the Marrakesh from MAC already so no need to get this one.

My Verdict

The best formula you can find in the market for me. It feels cloud on the lips, non drying and the quality and longevity is superb. Although not transfer proof since it is a bullet lipstick but I don't really wear lipstick under the mask so I won't be bothered with it. The only problem with this is you can only order and get this on her website. Which I think is not as accessible depending which country you are from. It did took a while before I received it and I live in the EU so expect it to be longer if say you live in Asia.  You might also be charge with custom tax depending where you are so better read her policies or shipping informations. 

They are expensive but for me worth it. I think from now on, I will get a shade everytime if something she releases would speak to me. She only release them once or twice a year I think and they get out of stock quickly so that is just the disadvantage of her products. When it is out of stock, you need to wait mostly after a year before she would restock them. But if you live in London, she has now a pop up store which is only until January. It looks really a pretty store and all her products are there. She also has now different formulas for lip products and just recently launched her foundation. I can't wait when she will release a powder blush or eyeshadow palette because her formula is really top tier.

To see them in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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