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Chloe Medium Woody Tote Bag Review


2021 has been a spending spree for me which is a result most probably that I can't go anywhere and have vacation so I spent all my money in luxury goods and this is one of them. I have never thought I would buy any luxury bags but this is one of those bags that is not over a thousand euro because it is mostly a canvas bag which probably crazy to be priced like this but as we all know you mainly pay for the brand name which I am self aware and willing pay for it anyway. The Woody line from Chloe has been around for years now, I first bought the Chloe Woody Sandals (Beige) and loved the look of it so much that I decided to get this bag as well when it was released early this year just before summer time.

I am a tote kind of girl and this spoke to me so much especially the look and style of it. At first, I was hesitant to get it since it is too much logo but it grew on me and I knew I would use this a lot since it is the style of bag that I love to wear and would match good with most of my clothes.


Tote bag in cotton canvas & shiny calfskin with Woody ribbon

Carry: shoulder

- 2 long handles

- 1 spacious main compartment

- 1 internal flat pocket

Comes with a dust bag

- Width: 37 cm / 14.6"

- Height: 26 cm / 10.2"

- Depth: 12 cm / 4.7"

- Strap drop: 22 cm / 8.7"

This handbag is made from a woven fabrication adapted to leather goods requirements. A water-repellent treatment was applied to the fabric, but rain exposure should be avoided. Avoid rubbing this material against colour-contrasting materials and shield it from humidity, light, heat, liquids and greasy substances.

When I bought this, it was still under €700 but since then it had price increase. I noticed with luxury brands they have price increase every year so if you are eyeing on something, it is better to get them now before they will be much more expensive. They offer now 3 colors and sizes(small, medium & large) of this and I am loving their new release which is the biscotti beige. It is just a pretty nude shade for me. The small one is just too small and impractical for me since it is more of  a handheld bag while the large one is just too big for everyday wear. It is more like a travel size bag.

I love the leather detail of this although not much but it adds appeal to the bag. As you noticed it is mostly canvas and looks almost like a linnen material which I do love this kind of look. It is still a fabric so you need to be careful and it is not advisable to wear it during rain so this is only ideal to wear during summer and spring time or as long as the weather is dry whole day. 

The handles of the bag have also the leather details but only one side which I am really worried because the other side is light kind of fabric so the dirt might be obvious in the long run. I wish they just made it on both corners so it won't happen or lesser chance of getting dirt. I did have a stain on it but fortunately I was able to remove it using a damp cloth. I also sprayed it with a bag protector spray so it might have helped as well.

Like their Woody sandals, the main design of this bag is their Chloe Ribbon that is placed in front and back of the bag. This is really a cute detail of the bag which if you don't want logos then this would be just too much for you which was what I felt the first time I saw it like the sandals. I feel like I am walking advertisement for the brand that's why I would never wear them together.

The bottom part is not a straight sturdy kind of base but rather like an arch. I was afraid that it would sag when I put all my things especially if they are heavy but it stayed like that and also I found an organizer for it to prevent it and also to hold the shape of it.

So this is the details of the corners of the bag, it is just like a normal tote bag without zipper but just thicker and has studier shape.

Inside is just lined with a nude fabric and has a pocket big enough to fit your phone and wallet. I love that the liner is light which is easy to see what is inside. But there's no divider whatsover so an organizer is a must. I am glad I found an organizer that fits well in this bag.

The details are just impeccable. The stitching looks perfect! I love the contrasting thread but still ties in with the overall design of the bag. I think they wanted to have or offer an affordable version of the Dior Book Tote and much more casual approach. And I believe they achieved it.

My Verdict
Style: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

This bag is just the right size for me, not too big nor too small for my body frame. I love the length of the shoulder straps, it is the ideal length for my height (5'6). The quality is great although it is not the most durable one since it is a fabric at the end of the day. I just need to be careful and not bring it to parties or when the weather is not good. The weight is also good but it can tend to be heavy when you put heavier things like laptop which I won't do because it felt so heavy when I tried it. It fits the Macbook Air 13" if you are wondering. The design is something for me since I am more into tote bags nowadays since I can bring more things. Only the security is not so good since it has no zipper. They didn't even add any compartments which is a bit disappointing given the price they charge for this. I love that it feels sturdy, so it will maintain its shape. I love the color since it is more neutral and can be paired good with my Hermes Oran Gold sandals. I love that it has the look of the Dior Book Tote without breaking the bank. I just love the Woody line from Chloe and it is also the most affordable from them. I am truly grateful that I have a Chloe bag now that I will surely enjoy for years to come.

To see it in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


  1. I thought the exact same thing about this bag with the Oran sandals. I'm looking forward to wearing them together!

  2. What protector spray did you use?

    1. Hi, I used something I bought from the Footlocker store. The spray is called Forcefield Protector. It is also for shoes and bags. 🙂

  3. Hi Giselle, I've got my woody tote just maybe 2 weeks ago, only used it 3 times and today when I came back from work I noticed that one of the letters started to peel off! I am devasteted as I already fell in love with this bag. I tried to Google search if anybody had similiar issue but it seems like it is not a common problem. I was a little bit sceptical when I saw that the lettering is printed but I hoped it is a high Quality printing so wasn't expecting anything like this! Now I need to email Chloe store and try to return or exchange it. But my hear broke… Even if they sent me a brand new handbag I will always be worried about the lettering :( How is your handbag after a year? Adriana

    1. Hello Adriana, sorry for the late response. I haven't checked my blog site in a long time. About your concern, I haven't experienced any peeling yet both from my bag and sandals. But I don't use them that much. My bag is stored where I don't see it that's why I haven't used it that much but I did use it every now and then before. I might use it more to get my cost per wear as long as it stays good weather. Did you return it? I hope you will get a better one if they will send you a new one. That is really annoying if I will see that happening to my bag. But so far I haven't encountered any problems yet.

  4. Hi! You said you sprayed it with a bag protector spray, can you please share what that is? Thanks!


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